She’s a grey tabby cat with the greenest of eyes and a very pretty pink tongue (lovingly has been called pink tongue Nyx by my friends). She is rather adventurous and has escaped my house twice, but came back each time because she has abandonment issues and also she loves me very much. She doesn’t like to share when there are other cats in the room and my attention much be focused on her and her alone. She’s curious, my cuddle buddy, and sometimes likes to watch me play video games or lay on my arms, rendering me unable to play games and pet her only. I’ve had her for about 4 years now and her birthday is next month (April 5th). She purrs very loudly and loves to be tall (most notably, she has climbed my fridge and likes to sit atop it, looking down at me like a queen looking upon her jester). i have a dog (red nosed pitbull, but also probably mixed with something else.. i dont knw!) his name is apollo and we got him in october 2016 :) he was just born and we picked him specifically ebcause he has markings that look like a smiley face on his back. he likes wearing bandanas and sweaters. i have two dogs, both shetland sheepdogs (shelties) and their names are William and Maggie (Margaret) we're pretty sure William has got some collie in him, but he was a rescue (taken in by the sheltie rescue but rejected by the collie rescue) so we don't know for sure. he's an old boy (over 10 years old at least, and Maggie's about the same), but still acts like a puppy! very whiny, very fluffy. he's also a bit of an anxious boy, especially during storms. :( his vision sucks, partly from age but also because he was half-blinded as a puppy. we're also pretty sure he's going deaf now, and he has old boy arthitis, but he's never let go of that puppy personality (to the chagrin of my household's ability to do our jobs lol). one of his ears stands up straight (it's supposed to be folded) because our other dog, Maggie, chewed on it when they were pups. he's slightly oversized, while Maggie is undersized. if you try to play fetch with them, Will chases the ball and Maggie just. barks. she might follow him, or go for the ball, but she always lets him get it even if she was first. when we first got Maggie, we had people over at the house. we were watching something in the living room, and i left my pizza on the dining room table. Maggie, like a little ninja, jumped onto a chair, onto the table, stole my pizza slice, and ran behind the couch (in the living room) to eat it. she also used to be able to jump the fence, but she isn't physically capable of it anymore (unfortunate health problems). she was a foundling, so she was used to procuring food scraps, but now she's a pampered princess and knows it. William is tan and white, with one ear straight and one ear bent. he's oversized for a sheltie, and has a collie face. his eyes are dark, but one has a white ring. Maggie is black and white, both ears bent. she's undersized for a sheltie, and has little brown blob eyebrows! she has a few small white patches on her muzzle from age. they're both very good dogs.<3 my cat passed away recently, and i still miss her all the time. she was a really tiny cat, only about 2.5 kilos, but she had the most beautiful tortoiseshell coat. its pretty normal for people to think of their own cat as the best, but i reckon she really was special. My dog lives with my mom while im at college! Her name is Tesla and shes a boston terrier and I love her very much. we got her these tinny sweaters for Christmas is so cute i have three cats and theyre siblings. we found them in a plastic bag when they were like 3 weeks old outside a convenience store in the cold. they are the best thing to ever happen to me tbh i love those three so much. we named them after orphans in books annie oliver twist and harry potter. so annie ollie and harry i call annie “clingy” cuz she LOVES to cuddle and will just cling to your shoulder as you walk around the house. ollie ranges between being scared of nothing to being scared of everything depending on his mood. he acts tough one second and is running from leaves the next. amd harry is the most chill dude in existence unless hes in the mood to play then he and ollie will chase each other all over the place acting like theyre constantly on catnip. they are all so sweet tho i have so many pictures of all three cuddling together or with me. hope my ramblings arent too long lol my cat's name is Friedrich and he is an absolute unit. he isnt overweight or so he is just really big. he has like the most pretty smooth black fur and very striking yellow eyes. now that he got older he has white chesthairs and little white hairs spread in his fur. he also has a notch in one of his ears. he is very handsome. He is also very strong. in his youth (because he is a senior cat now) he liked to hunt small animals, mice birds frogs lizards. he even once brought a rabbit home and a huge sewer rat. he likes to be scratched on his tummy and he doesnt mind when i mess up his fur. he always greets me when i get home if he's inside. my second cats name is Major and he is friedrichs lil brother. he is smaller and lighter than friedrich. he is a black and white tuxedo cat and has a white mustache belly whiskers and feeties. he is a total cuddle bug and will jump on you instantly if you sit down. he drools a lot tho. also he doesnt meow really and rather makes an eeping sound instead. also his purring sounds more like a pidgon than a cat purr. he also reacts to Schnitzel more than to his actual name This is my cat, Stripey! His name isn't very exciting because he was originally a feral cat my family was feeding, and they didn't intend to keep him. But when they trapped him to get him fixed, they realized he wasn't feral, but likely a dumped stray (happens pretty often in rural areas unfortunately :[ ). My sister and I were already looking to adopt a cat so we took him in!(We later got him a DNA test and found out he's 50% bengal :'D he spends his days sprinting full speed through my house help me. I'd love to talk about my pets!!! I currently have three dogs (: The first and oldest is Bella, she's currently about 12 years old. We got her at around a year old when I was incredibly young, so she's lived with us literally my entire memory. We have no idea what she is breed-wise, but she's ~35 lbs and completely black except for her feet and under her neck. She's really skinny too, probably a whippet mix. She's an absolute sweetheart and amazing with kids (one of our family folkstories is the time I was 4 and twisting her ears without realizing it would hurt her. She didn't snap at me, just whined until my mom made me stop and sent me to my room. When I started crying cause I was in trouble, Bella came and comforted me, much to the annoyance of my mother haha). Currently she and my mother are a therapy dog team, and they go to public schools, the local library, etc for kids to pet her and read to her, although she is getting older and will probably have to retire soon. The middle one is Gabby, and she's as pandemic puppy as you get. I forget the exact date atm, but she was born at the pound so we do know her birthday. It was sometime in March 2020 (: just after we went on lockdown over here. We also don't know exactly what breed she is, but she's mainly English Pointer. She's predominantly white, with orange freckles covering the entirety of her body and a giant orange spot on the front of her face. We have many nicknames for her, including Gaboongey (never had to spell that out before, pronounced Gab-oo-ng-i), Slippers, and Troubles (Yes, she actually responds to all of these as if they're her actual name). Despite being the only dog we can confirm has never been hungry a day in her life, she will eat herself sick like a goldfish. My mom likes to say that Gabby thinks she's been hungry every day of her life, and the way she begs for second and third dinners really reflects that. And last but certainly not least: Pepper! She is the newest addition to our family as of this December, but technically we've known her for much l9nger. My aunt found her chained to the fence outside her office in September of 2022 and after a day of nobody coming to get her my aunt took her. She did NOT fit well with their house though, so she spent some time with us and eventually we adopted her!! Because of her origin we're not sure about age or breed, but experts in that field have told us that she's probably about 1 1/2 or 2 and a Staffordshire Terrier mix. She looks pretty much like an average staffie if you look them up, with mainly white fur and black splotches everywhere. She's very young and full of energy, she'll run back and forth when she's excited, and if there's even the slightest chance you might give her the thing in your hand she Sits very prettily, watching you intently. She also spins?? That's the only way I can describe the leaping movement she makes when she gets super excited qb8ut something, she's literally spinning. Pepper and Gabby have been dubbed the Bookends cause they always follow my mom around and sit together. Sometimes they move their bed around so they can lay together and continue keeping an eye on everybody. Recently they've upgraded to synchronized sitting, where they sit right next to each other in the exact same pose, legs awkwardly sticking out and all. I could probably talk for hours about them, but it's getting late and I'm sure you've already received many responses, so I'll leave it here (: good luck! PET POSTING!! ok my cat mr tillman is such a goof. hes this orange cat more on the chubby side because everyone in the house spoils him EXCEPT ME. but i am still his favourite. we know this because he lets me hold him like a baby and he loves it when i do it but when everyone else does it he wants out immediately. he will lay like that in my arms for like five minutes and then hes like Ok I'm done and just shifts a bit to turn himself around, which is how i know to let him down. reading him is very easy you literally just have to pay attention to him at all to know what he wants because hes very clear. he wants you to follow him? he will paw at your leg. he wants you to stop fucking with him? his tail will flick around and twitch and he will look at you whenever you touch him. and then he will Bite You. he meows a lot, he REALLY wants attention all the time. he wants to be an outside cat so bad but is also so so scared of going outside. i have to be there with him and even then he doesnt want to run off too far. he'll belly crawl across the patio and then sit in the grass after getting used to the outside for like 10 minutes. i let him out when the weathers nice and keep a close eye on him for when he gets scared because someone is outside. despite acting very brave he really is SO SO TERRIFIED because anyone walks by while we're outside and hes going to the door and meowing and weeping and ouhhhh the poor boy he is so scared !! and then he gets pissed like <:O WHY DID YOU PUT ME BACK INSIDE? I WANTED TO BE OUTSIDE! hes very silly. me and him? we are TIGHT. we are tighter than tight. we get each other in a way no one else does. when i am sad, he's coming over to hang out with me. when i was going through a really bad emergency, i was in an open room and shaking and i was so super scared. he came in and he watched my back. i was up until 5 in the morning and he never left my side and he never made a peep. he came over sometimes just to check on me and like lean against me to remind me he was there. when he needs something, i instantly know what it is and that is why he comes to me when no one else can get something for him. in the morning, its always ME who will feed him when he needs more food and its ME who will give him water. when he wants attention, im so ready to give it to him. we will play for like an hour and he loves it. we are besties. forever. and it will remain this way forever. i seriously love my little guy everyone is like Ohhh he's so stupidddd he's so silly!! Awww silly guy no brain no thoughts!! no hes thinking. hes literally the philosopher. hes coming up with new mathematic theory and if he had opposable thumbs he would change the game. mr tillman knows things that none of us know and im the only person with the key to that knowledge. this is just me being dramatic but he is very smart. i love this guy a lot could you tell my rabbit passed away almost 2 years ago. She wasn't super affectionate but sometimes when I would pet her, she would push her head further into my hand. Sometimes she would look up a certain way, and if I leaned down she would "kiss" my nose with her nose. The funniest thing was when you put something new in her room. She would bob her head up and down and carefully take a single step, then bob, then maybe another step. I hope she understood how loved she was. My cat is silver with darker grey stripes and a bit of fawn brown behind her ears. She's sassy and very vocal. She loves attention. I have a corn snake named Muramasa and she's such a good girl, she eats very well and never tries to bite me when I take her out of her tank. I have two cats! :D One is a striped grey cat who loves hopping on the kitchen table and trying to eat whatever she can (she's eaten croissants AND ate a whole donut once -_-). The other is a fluffy white one (part norwegian forest cat!!) who's lazy and silly. He used to get into lots of fights but now he's just a softie Our cats Captain Barnacle Beard and Princess Marshmallow arrived as a bonded pair. They have very different attitudes about personal space. Princess Marshmallow hides for much of the day, except for about ten minutes of demanding pets then settling down nearby but not touching. Captain Barnacle Beard wants to be held or snuggled or played with constantly. He likes to tuck himself under my chin when I’m trying to sleep. I have a dog who's about 3 years old. He likes eating jalapeños and bananas. Not just the inside but the flesh too. you know my bastards moons a little old lady who’s a bit neurotic. and toffee is British and acts like it my dog's name is pearl (but we call her pearly) and she's mostly brown. she has a darker brown 'crown' on her head (its a little arch above her eyes) and has a white chest. shes goin a bit grey on the snout lol she has a black tipped tail and she will hug you with it <3 she has slightly lighter brown patches of fur on her shoulders. shes got short fur and is a whippet cross (red?) kelpie. shes a bit timid but adores other whippets and greyhounds probably bc they remind her of her mum. if she wants something she'll come get you and show you what it is lol. shes 9 and her birthday is on the 11th of february. i love pearly <333 we got 2 dogs :)) We recently got a anatolian puppy named stella, shes only ten weeks. she isn’t allowed to go in my room because she eats my stuffies, pisses on my carpet and crawls under my bed. She sure bites a lot but we love her. my dog is a black lab and she has a fierce rivalry with the orange cat in our neighbourhood. he smacked her in the face several times after she tried and failed to intimidate him HKFHDJ she loves swimming so much that she got a timid puppy to try playing in the water because she was having such a good time. she gets mud. all over the house HKFHDJ she also will eat literally everything. when she was a puppy we couldn’t really take her outside much because covid so whenever we weren’t looking she’d go into the kitchen and ti the paper recycling bin over and destroy everything inside. she still likes eating cardboard. speaking of eating things she shouldn’t she is INDESTRUCTIBLE. she has eaten at least 10 FULL LOAVES OF BREAD in her lifetime and it has literally never impacted her. one time she ate a whole box of quality street AND?? werthers originals ALL IN LIKE 5 MINUTES. AND SHE WAS COMPLETELY FINE. AND YET?? SHE REFUSES TO EAT BANANA OR MUSHROOM like she doesn’t even try to chew it she just drops it on the floor and then continues to beg for your banana/mushroom because she is an idiot /aff. there are other things she doesn’t like but she does actually try to eat them. occasionally she steals a glove or a sock off the radiator and she just holds it in her mouth. when you catch her she gives you the guiltiest look HKFHDJ often i’ll put a blanket on the sofa for her because she likes getting cozy. and now she’ll WOOF AT ME until I put the blanket on the sofa. I love her so much HLFHDK I have three. will only talk about one my bbg Cleo. She's a mutt who looks most like a Carolina dog. shes built like a barrel on stilts. not overweight just eats enough to feed a mastiff. she likes tearing up the bathroom trash dor bloody pads (like a little bitch/lh) she gets winded going up hills. Cleo has separation anxiety and chews on her tail when I leave for a few days. her tail is a “rat tail” thick against her body thin as it goes down this is my cat puhek (translated to english it would be fluffy?. i named him when i was 6 lol). he is 13 years old and is the old man cat ever. loves to sleep 20 hours a day in weird positions AND in weird places. recently hes gotten an addiction for the bathroom and will literally spend all his time there. i have found him sleeping in the BATHTUB. WHILE IT WAS STILL WET. he lovessss drinking water. he will do it for 3 minutes straight while i am trying to brush my teeth. he also lovesss to groom himself. LOUDLY. for SO LONG. while i am TRYING TO DO online classes. he has on several occassions jumped in front of me while i am in a mandatory-camera-on online class. puhi gives no shits and i am convinced he knows what he is doing. he will meow SO LOUDLY for people to let him into the bathroom so he can drink water and idk...sleep in the sink or something. he also doesnt even like catnip/treats that much hes literally disinterested. you hold up a piece of salmon and he sniffs and turns away. legit old man who eats dry kibble and is happy with that <- weirdo. otherwise he is sooo soft. lets me pet him and purrs so sweetly....also loves stepping directly on my organs. love him fr :,) i call him puhi puhljica pihek and kotek. almost never by his actual name lol my cats diva is the fluffiest, sweetest, most loving moron in the world. her head is empty because she uses it to store all the love she has. sometimes she purrs just because i looked at her. she purrs super hard too so when she's purring you can hear it from across the room. I have a Calico tabby cat named tails and she is the most lovable goofball imaginable. She spends at least an hour and a half everyday playing with her two favorite pieces of plastic which are the security rings from around soda bottle caps. She has a habit of squeezing herself onto my shelves that house my collection of model animals and my little ponies and knocking a lot of them over. When we first moved into our new house she got to discover that she could slip her paws between the railings of the staircase and bap me on the head as I go down. She is about 3 years old and is a rescue. We drove to the other side of the province to pick her up from the SPCA. we stayed in a hotel overnight with her and she caused so much chaos and kept us up all night lol. Whenever the dog gets a treat she yells at us and demands that she gets one as well. I call her my little house tiger i’ve got a tarantula that i share custody of with my roommate; she’s so active and beautiful!! she likes being held and my roommate with sometimes catch lizards for her to eat when we don’t want to go and buy crickets : ) we also have a household dog named growlithe; he’s a dog one of my roommates found at a junkyard and he’s missing one of his big canines bc he ate a rock once ❤️ last pet are two ropefish who are unusually affectionate toward one another they look like green beans to me 💖 things Luna's voice has been compared to. "a dying furby" - my therapist "a rust remover getting boiled" - my good pal soup "a car engine" - charlotte from the tma server "a dead parrot" - martin frmo the tma server "a dragon" - sebastian "it's like you're dragging your cat across a chalkboard" - micah "a very small goose" - jenny "a displeased wasp" - wind ive got a stinky little dog that is just and absolute sweetheart 🥰 he's a little old but he still acts like a puppy. he barks so loud but that is okay because i love him this is phoebe (an old photo from nov 2023). shes a mini bernedoodle who, despite our constant bullying, is actually very smart. she was potty trained in less than a month and learned very quickly to pull apart the occasional trash she finds in order to redeem more treats for it. although the oranges and browns have mostly drained from her fur, her brilliant blue eyes stayed since puppyhood. she just turned 2 on the 28th! my silly little baby darling stinky. Luna! she's our deli cat :] she likes sleeping in the marshmallow and being pet by every customer. she also sleeps weird. just like me :D ive never had a cat so clearly be happy to be pet like a dog. both hands full pet mode and getting purs the entire time. but GOD forbid i wanna hold her. she will flip and flop and just STAND to not be held. such a baby. i love her Gator and Oreo! Some favorite shots of them. And here’s oakley! my family’s cat watches my brother while he plays piano. and he jumps on the keys so my mom has to herd cats and a dog away from the piano. the youngest cat (keyboard jumper) goes so many places but he looks so wise. baby on the cabinets and in the ceiling and on the fridge. Oreo (stinky baby man) meows so loudly to drink from the faucet but he just wants held I think. he refuses to jump up but I know he can. you can pet him while he drinks and completely soak his fur and he still purrs. they all know how doors work. Oakley doesn’t know he can’t open them yet.gator is the oldest and he goes to my room when he can. it’s shut up to save on heating but the instant the door opens he’s upstairs. sorry for the ramble I love my family’s pets and talking about them. gator travelled from Florida to the Midwest passing through families until he got to ours. my mom thinks ours is the one he’s been with longest. she carried him home in her arms. Oakley jumped up on the nicely set dinner table while we were getting food and started licking the butter. the other cats didn’t do that. gator will approach your food just like Oakley though. Oakley jumped each time the washer made noise when we took him in. he wasn’t very scared to be there though This is my dog Kirby (not named after the video game character, but rather after a cow that my mom’s friend owned and we got to meet). Don’t let his cute face fool you, he’s an absolute dork. Kirby is a rambunctious little man that my mom and I got in 2017, several months after the death of my first family dog. He had much more energy than our old dog, and even over 6 years later he hasn’t slowed down much. At first he followed us around like, well, a lost puppy, never straying too far when we let him outside. As he got older though, he started becoming selectively deaf when we’d try to call him back. He needs to be on a chain now to go outside, but he’s ripped it out of the ground several times. Keep-away is his favorite game. He once escaped like this in 2020 when I was in my pajamas and hadn’t showered for many days. He ran onto my new neighbors’ porch and they kindly helped me catch him, and that was the first time I ever met them. Not the best first impression. Another time he got out my friend was with me, and Kirby was playing keep-away as usual. My friend had to use his Starbucks drink as bate to lure Kirby nearby, then tackled him in order to catch him. Despite his rebelliousness, he’s very intelligent when it comes to learning tricks. He can jump, play dead, roll over, crawl, wave, walk on two legs, speak, and probably more that I can’t remember. Kirby also eats ANYTHING he can get his teeth into. Garbage is a favorite, so my mom got some of that anti-pet spray that they’re supposed to hate. She put some on her hand to test and Kirby licked it right off. We keep bathroom doors closed now. A scarier moment like that was when he got into a prescription bottle my mom left on the table. We found pills and chewed up plastic all over the floor, but thankfully it was brand new so we knew there were 90 pills in there. When we counted it out there were still 90 on the floor, thank god, but we were a lot more careful about where we put things after that. He’s also chewed up like 4 pairs of wires less headphones that I carelessly left out. I stopped buying replacements at some point. He’s also a very territorial only-child. It’s different from my old dog, he was territorial with his toys and food, but Kirby is territorial about my mom and I. If we went to the dog park he’d get along well enough with the other dogs, but if we started giving them attention it was On Sight. A family friend stayed for a week at our house with her dog and Kirby was absolutely not having it and kept picking fights. It’s our fault for not socializing him well enough, but he’s gotten better. He absolutely loves watching tv. His favorite show is Funniest Home Videos, especially the animal videos. It’s funny, he used to not recognize animals on tv but he did bark at his own reflection, and now it’s the opposite. He even barks at animated animals in Disney movies, which can get kind of annoying but oh well. I could gush about him all day so I’ll cut it off here. He’s my goofy little guy who sleeps in the bed with me and loves giving me kisses and I miss him a lot while I’m here at school. This is my cat!! Her name is pulka, which means little bullet (bb gun one). I came up with the name when I was 8. The idea behind it was to warn the guests she might try to escape through an opening door. By saying something like "Careful! Little bullet might fly by us". I thought it was funny. She's an ocicat, which is a domesticated version of ocelot. It's a very rare breed, we chose it because of Minecraft ocelots, so that she would be the Minecraft cat. She's very itty bitty small, which is the first thing people notice about her. She's going to be 12 soon, but she is still very playful. Her favorite food is chicken hearts. She doesn't really like petting anymore, even though she used to as a kitten. But she will come and sleep on your legs at night, if she likes you. my first cat growing up was named sophie. she was a menace. she loved running away and going hunting (we tried our best to stop her but she was too fast) she thought we were her kittens and would bring us back live birds to try and teach us how to hunt. she was sweet and cuddly and loved biting cardboard. she was bonded to our younger cat Grover. they were very close and snuggled in that way cats that love each other do. Grover got out of the house once for like two weeks. we didnt think he could manage alone but he came back fine! just skinnier. when mom came into my room to show me he came back i thought i was dreaming because id forgotten how big he was and he seemed WAY too big to be real. we had to give them away as a pair when we moved away and sophie probably isnt alive anymore but theyre so important to me still.our current cats are both maine coons. boudica and lola. boudica is stupid and doesnt have any teeth but will do anything for a treat and hates seeing the neighbors cat. one time she got out my brothers window and onto the porch roof. i was in the yard getting a volleyball for the neighborkids and heard the most forlorn little meow. i look up and see her poking her head around the edge of the house all sad. lola is a menace but pretty affectionate. she loves one of my cardigans and will yell at me to put it on the floor and will nip at my legs if i dont give her enough attention. she also insists on being pet while she's eating but ONLY DRY FOOD. we have no idea why one time there was a mouse and she was scared of it gonna ramble about 3 different pets if that's alright ! it'll prolly go long ^_^ I'm gonna call them all things that are slightly different than their actual names since they're pretty unique too so wanna keep em but I'll start with the sadder ones- I have two dogs who are both passed and their deaths affected me in very different ways the first I'll call bow. he was my best friend for 10 years and just the best dog I've ever met. there is no memory more baked into me than the softness of the fur right behind his ears or the scruffy tufts at the base of his neck. I call him my guardian angel. I believe he was just that of a sort. something protective god gifted to me. it's kinda the only explanation for him. I stayed with him when old age eventually meant it was his time and pet him gently until he was gone. and I'd be happy to do it again for him. even if I sobbed like I never have afterward. the other dog I'll call roo. he really never got past puppy age. he was a bit older than a year when he had to go. he was an enormous mastiff with fear-based aggression. I hated him for making the house feel unsafe. the exact opposite of what bow had done. I didn't want that for him though. there was just no other option. for a dog that big. that dangerous. that's how it goes. so I hated him. but I also have a hole in my heart where he should have been. and now I have a cat I'll call meow. I've had him for a bit more than 5 years now and he's perfect <3 he's a big cat and can easily cover my whole torso and I love when he covers me like a blanket like that. he also loves to get on my shoulders whenever he can. he always wants to be as close to me as possible and has learned that when I won't pick him up he can hop on my shoulders and hang out so that's where he goes. despite calling him meow he doesn't really meow much. he's very quiet but highly affectionate and he loves reallyreally tight hugs which is just perfect for when I've had a bad day. he's the perfect comfort like that. ummm don't wanna ramble too much longer HAHA but yeah. that's them <3 I've had other pets but those three are the most impactful. I love em <3 yes even roo. and there will be no pet like bow or meow again. pets can be such lovely things. hope your project turns out rad weasel ! and hope there's something usable for it in all this HAHA This is my 13 year old rat terrier Buster! His full name is Colonel Buster Rampage [last name] because we were kids and wanted to give him a goofy name. He is such a silly boy and I love him so very much. My friends call him Spoon head because the white patch on his face looks like a spoon, and he's such a good boy. When he was younger, he got hit by a truck and somehow managed to survive. Not only that's but he's THRIVED for like 11 more years after that happened. He used to be full of a lot more energy and would run around the yard and could nearly jump the fence, but in his old age he's mellowed out. Now he's a lap dog who just likes to hang out with us on the couch. He's so weird and ends up curled in the funniest positions that we have no clue are comfortable like- Sir, do you know you are a ball. He still goes on runs with dad sometimes, and he'll just have random bursts of energy. He's a small dog, but if you let him sleep with you he weighs a TON so we have to make sure we're comfortable. Again, I love him very much, and all of my family and our family friends do. He's getting old, but he's still just a pup to me, and he's been my best friend since I was 11. And two more phots of him for the road because they're my favorite goofy ones. buster's getting old and i want EVERYONE to see him befire he's gone. we also call him "Buster Brown" "Bubbers" "Mush/Moosh" and "Smooshy" on account of his smooshy face. i also love "Bubba boo" my cat is orange and silly and he likes to go outside and he made friends with foxes. he purrs really loudly and sits at my feet. and when i pet him he will gently bite me if it is too much i've got a doggie! he's a german shepherd mix with black fur and a white star on his chest. he's a good boy and scary smart. we got him as a puppy and tried to keep him contained to the living room for the first few days but he kept figuring out different ways to break out. he also tried to attack his water bowl all the time. he was small enough to ride in my lap when we first got him but now his head reaches the middle of my thigh. and he loves moving furniture to get to the windows My dogs name is Luna she is a brindle baby. We adopted her in November of 2019 and I chose her name because my dog wanted a dog she could call lulu and since it was fall her temporary shelter name was Harvest Moon. My mom never actually did call her lulu, instead she is Luna von tuna pants, or lvtp for short. Or obviously just luna. When we first got her she was still really good insecure understandibly, and once when we were making a layered chicken cordon bleu casseroles she snuck in and ate the top layer of ham off while I was grabbing the breadcrumbs. She is gorgeous and I love her. She loves my sister the best though. But my sister does feed her from her fork at the table against the rules and everyone's protests and she lets her lick her for extended periods of time despite her HELLISH breath which no one else will do. Anyways she's great and I love her the most ever My cat Pepper passed away very recently. Some of my favorite moments of her include: One of the first days we had her my dad stepped on her paw and she limped so badly we called the vet, she was perfectly fine and running around minutes later. She would try and get into the fridge when we opened it, and once got in and ate a piece of broccoli of all things. She’s also stolen a piece of turkey out of my dad’s hands. She was a sweet little thing who was so friendly and gave everyone so much love, she would also drool on you when she got real comfy. There’s also my cat Angel, she’s a sweet little old lady. She is a picky little girl who sit on my dad during the day and me during the night. She used to hide her face every time we took a picture of her. Her favorite toy is a fishing rod type thing and she does flips to get it, it’s real impressive. She’s also allergic to chicken of all things, which means she has like three foods she can eat, so many cat foods have chicken. She’s been known to get “lost” in the basement, and meow until someone picks her up and carries her to wherever we are. This is Ooky. She is shaped. This is her favorite window out of which she stares like a gargoyle channeling rainwater. Her favorite person is Doodle, a 26-year-old noodle woman (she has Ehlers-Danlos hypermobile type) but her best window is also very important. My cat Desi (full name: Desert Lily) passed away in September from cancer. I can still remember her in her prime, fluffy and wispy fur, eyes that were so warm to look into. She was one of my childhood cats, which means I have sooo many lovely memories of her. It actually makes me tear up thinking abt it. I hope she’s somewhere nice now, drinking milk and eating fresh fish every day. she was sooooo sweet and a little bit flighty but she would never hurt you on purpose. And she had the softest purrs like a dove cooing. i miss her. My dog sleeps in the laundry basket. shes such a fool My cat Bunny's hobbies include: Digging a hole to China in her litter box (at 1 in the morning), Attacking any plastic bag in a 1 foot radius, Not allowing anyone to pet her without permission, Dragging things into her litter box, Crying when I'm not in the room, And last but not least, Having more sass then any other animal on the planet. She is an adult female calico cat And is filled to the brim with sass. And a love for me. I love her so much but why is she like this? She hates touch btw. My other cat Lynx's hobbies include: Eating everything thats not wet food, Sitting in then chomping on boxes, Demanding kitty caves (having a blanket over lap/legs and having her hide under it), Having half a brain cell, Sitting on the leaning cat tree of piza, Screaming, And of course learning how to dig to China through her litter box by Bunny. They are frien-amies. Lynx sounds like a goat while Bunny sounds like some kind of bird. She goes “BBuuurrrroow” Thats the best way I can describe it. Lynx is a brownish gray tabby with an extremely derpy face. I love them very much. And yet slightly hate them at the same time <3<3<3<3 My annoying little potatoes MY CAT MY BABY her name is Sasha and she is a little stinker. We call her a diva because she is. Very temperamental and will bite you when she's tired of you petting her. But she's also very playful and like. There's a spot on the wall missing paint so she will jump at it and parkour off the wall. She attacks the shower too. And likes laying in sinks/the bathroom in general and has about a million toys. She's mostly white but has spots of orange all over her (one on her back is heart shaped) and she has an all orange tail. Her face and tail Also have very faint stripes (courtesy of her dad) OH yeah she also likes sleeping a lot. She will sleep anywhere. She slept on my shoes and a towl once instead of the CHAIR I put a BLANKET In for her. She prefers sleeping with people I think. That's her way of bonding. (Ex: she'll nap next to me when I write) She is also spoiled as hell and has a million nicknames. We don't think she knows her actual one. Sash had some very bad health problems back in December. Like for some reason there's as just 6+ oz of fluid in her lungs and we thought Open heart surgery was needed. But the first vet we went too was wrong and the fluid never came back after it was drained and she got Medicine (she's doing perfectly fine now but everytime she seems different my anxiety starts up) We got her from one of my friend so we still see her parents!! And one of her sisters. Dubbed Emo Sasha by one of my friends (she's a calic My favorite memory of her was when she was a baby. I just woke up to her on my chest purring??? In the middle of the night??? She's hasn't done it before or since and won't sleep in my bed with me anymore lmao. She's not very cuddly. SORRY FOR THE KITTY RANT I JUST ADORE HER One of my earliest memories is going to my grandparents barn to get her and her sister. Her belly was so soft even when she was a crotchety old woman her fur was soft. Her eyes were blue and reminded me of felt. Sometimes she woke me up at 4 am to feed her and it made me so irritated but I loved her so much still. Shes been gone about four years and I still miss her a lot cayenne is my mom's dog. he likes to sit right next to her on the armchair all snuggled up close. he also knows Exactly what is the softest most comfortable thing to sit on and he sits directly on it. he's so small but he commands the space. when I lived with them he would sit on the unfinished quilts and I would have to set down a different quilt for him to sit on so I could keep working. besides his love of being comfy he really likes food and he loves my mom more than anything. he is old and lazy now but he still will growl and bark at anything he deems to be a threat to her including squirrels and other dogs and the school buses. he's such a sweet little guy. emphasis on the little he is very small but he's a full man. ahh what a good good boy my dog is perfect. she is also absolutely neurotic. I love her she is my favorite This is Brownie, my darling CATastrophe. The lighting does not deceive you, only his undercoat and nose are actually brown, he's a grey and black tabby. You may note his grumpy expression, he knows when his picture is being taken and hates having his picture taken. He's made it a goal to always glare at the camera or get out of its vision. He has a favorite toy, we call it "Snakey", that he likes to carry around the house and sometimes play fetch with. It was originally on a stick, one of those toys you wave around for the cat, and it had a bell in it. The stick broke and he still kept playing with it, so we let him keep it. Eventually the bell broke too so now it's just a green tube of fabric, and it's his snakey that he loves and carries around. He brought it to me earlier today at dinner. It's one of the first toys we got him, and as his favorite toy was initially a red mouse he had before we adopted him, it's really wholesome that he chose a toy from us to be his new favorite now that he's our kitty. He likes trying human food, and has only gotten more adventurous with time. My pinned post on my account is just a list of the things he likes to eat. Once I made cupcakes for a party and left them on the counter, and he took bites out of several of them. Needless to say no cupcakes were served at that party. Another thing about him is that we have a big house, so when he can't find us he screams, and we'll call out back until he finds us like a game of Marco polo. It's cute until you're the only one home and you're busy on a call. There was one time I remember where he never cried for attention, my mom had been unwell and I sent her to the hospital, Brownie had seen her in pain for hours, and watched me pace the house muttering to myself in panic and worry, and he sat at a window where he could see the street and patiently waited until she came back home. Perhaps he was just as worried as me, perhaps he knew I was in a tizzy and didn't want to add to my stress, but I remember how quiet the house was that night, with not even the cat moving about. (Moms fine now, it was a kidney stone). One of his canine teeth is longer than the other, and sticks out of his mouth just a little bit. It's not obvious unless you're rubbing under his chin. I compared it to my crooked teeth before I got braces. It's quite cute, and he has no problems with it. Eating is clearly not a problem, as i said, he likes eating human food and will steal out stuff. A couple times Ive taken a meal outside just so I could eat without worrying about theft. He likes to sit by the window and watch the squirrels on the deck. He doesn't go outside to chase them though, we kept him indoors and one time he got out the poor guy got beat up by our neighbors cat and now he's afraid of the outside. We're happy to keep him safe inside, and I'm just thankful he met the neighbors cat rather than any of the wild animals that live nearby and would've done worse than beat him up. He also hates any other living breating thing aside my family and a few select folks who've earned his trust. 1. @[url redacted for anonymity] who catsits when we're away 2. My aunt who used to visit often but moved to Vermont and he honestly may not recognize if she comes back. 3. Another friend who's been at my house from time to time and is quiet and chill, so he accepts them. 4. My ex-girlfriend who he seemed to tolerate because I loved her so much, even though she was big and unusual to him. Out of our collection of cats (including but not limited to Pip the stupid, Faye the screaming drooler, Scooby the cuddly chunk) I'll tell you about Luc, short for Lucius. He's the only cat we adopted as a kitten, raised by yours truly, and I might've fucked up a little. Luc is very playful, making him an excellent goalie. He can do the best jumps and when you throw stuff at him he never lets it pass. He also loves biting the hands that feeds him, whenever you try to pet him during his playful moods at least. On a bed or in the bathtub/sink he's super cuddly though, unless you're trying to give him an actual bath. He just likes to be there to drink from the running faucet. Nowadays he's a bit of an outdoor cat. But since he was raised as an indoor cat he never goes outside the yard and comes at you in a FULL SPRINT when you call him. The first time he went outside he was afraid to touch the grass, he has since overcome his fear of nature but it took a while. Fun fact, he's our only male cat but his meow is the highest since he still squeaks like a kitten. i had a cat called bob who has now passed but he had a very distinct meow like “mawow” that i can mimic perfectly. he was known as the neighbourhood cat because he would just walk into other peoples houses even crossing the road to go to the local park and get food from the kids there. everyone knew him. at one point my neighbour was dying and bob stayed with her for 2 weeks until she passed. barely left her side. he was such a caring cat and i miss him dearly Here are Molly (white) and Wallace (hat). Molly passed at the tail end of 2020, at the ripe age of 17 years and 11 months. Wallace is going strong at 10 and a half, although he was recently diagnosed with Cushing’s disease.We got Molly when I was in third grade, after several months of my mother insisting we would not get a dog. (Molly spent the majority of her life snuggled up against my mother in her sleep, so that worked out well). She was too smart for her own good and too bouncy for ours, leaping from ground level onto chairs onto dining room tables to steal unattended chicken. We would joke that she was five pounds of fury, two pounds of fluff. When she was 13 and I was away at college, she got caught in the mechanics of a lift chair. I won’t go into details, but we were certain she would not make it. Not only did she survive the incident, she made a full recovery. The only sign anything had happened was a new love of being carried everywhere and a very impressive scar. We had one of those portraits made where your pet is painted in formal clothing after she passed, and it rests on our fireplace mantle next to her collar. Wallace was purchased for me as a surprise gift from my father. I was lonely in college and my mental health was poor. I had mentioned thinking of getting a dog but being scared of failing to care for the animal. My dad, who knows me far better than I do, took me to “visit a friend of his” during summer break of my freshman year of college. His friend just so happened to have a frisky flirty mini poodle that had been making “friends” with the golden-corgi mix next door, and Wallace was the last puppy left from that escapade. He enjoys swimming, getting dressed up and being told he’s the most handsome man in the world. He also has a portrait on the family mantle. My cat, Cara, passed on last autumn. this is my favorite photo of her. I used to say she looked like a deep sea fish because of how large and expressive her eyes were and how long het whiskers (and eyebrows) were. She loved pea soup. Yes, really. I could never open a can without her coming to yell at me and she wouldn't shut up until i gave her a little. She also hated traveling: i used to have to give her tranquilizers before we went to the vet. One time we had to go to the emergency vet and they wanted to get an x-ray. I asked if they were sure they'd be ok because she could be a handful and wouldn't let others handle her. Vet techs said it's fine. Five minutes later they came to get me anyway to help, haha. (I got to wear the lead aprons and shit.) She was estimated to be around 16 when she passed. She was a precious creature and now lives in an urn that is black with white paw prints because of her white socks. my pet noche is a sweet little black cat. shes very cuddly but is a knick knack gremlin. anything on a flat surface will be on the ground 100% guaranteed my lil guy is a mixed dog named flo we got from a shelter and hes still quite young. he has a weird color of fur that my camera either captures as creme (undersaturated) or an intense yellow (very oversaturated). his legs are about as long as his body so his proportions are all a bit weird. also his ears are half down and it creates an incredible amount of floppy.sometimes he gets into this playful mood where he mkes funny rumbling noises (i think hes complining) but he also gets a little bity. he likes playing tug of war and i especially love when he shakes the aquired object very stereotypically for a dog :) he also performs brain surgery on all his plushies. (removes like 80% of the stuffing to get to the squeaker) i take lot of pictures of him but mainly when he sleeps A few months before I was born (I'm in my early 30s now), my family adopted a dalmatian pup, who my sister would name Titi, and to this day I feel so lucky to have had her in my life for the first 14 years of my life. Titi had the patient of a saint. My sister was five when she was brought home and I was born, so our house was far from calm or quiet. And kids being kids, sometimes we were rough or didn't understand when to give pets space. But she never growled, never barked, never even tried to avoid us. She'd hang around, play with us and take over half the bed when sleeping in the same bed with us. In addition to being the gentlest, most patient babysitter on Earth, Titi was a master thief. I have dozens of stories about that, but the most famous among the family is the frying pan theft. My mom was cooking some meat on a frying pan and Titi was sleeping on her bed in the living room. My mom had to pop into a different room for a couple of minutes to get something, leaving the meat cooking. Important note is that the frying pan wasn't right at the edge, she was using one of the burners on the back. When she returned, the frying pan was still there. Titi was still dozing on her bed, seemingly not having moved. But the meat was gone and the dog's lips were smeared with cooking grease. Somehow she had stolen the meat from the hot pan in two minutes flat without making a peep and returned to her bed as if nothing had happened. my cat kipper she is a menace she is the light of my life she is the babiest baby to ever exist. when we first adopted her we found her bc all throughout the room where her cage was we could hear this low growling bc she HATES being around other cats n was huddled up in the corner of her cage. when her foster caretaker picked her up to move her to a room where we could interact w her she clawed at her so the entire time she was just skulking around the room w blood on her fur. she was facken TINY back then too she looked like she wasnt even a year old even tho she was like 8. when we brought her back n she wasnt stressed n around other cats anymore she was soooo cuddly tho shes the sweetest baby ever. shes a menace bc shell come into my room and knock over my stuff for attention and when she plays sometimes she scratches/bites too hard bc she has sharp longass claws she wont let me clip. but shes the softest most adorable kitty ever with the tiniest lil face and she knows it. shes so important to me part of the way i know of my meds r alleviating my depression symptoms is if im not happy when i see her bc i love her so much every time i see her i say hi to her and meow no matter what im doing. shes so talkative back too she makes so many wildass noises and she is SO hard to say no to bc if i pick her up by the scruff of her neck or shut her out of my room bc shes knocking over my stuff she makes sounds like shes been locked outside in the cold dead of winter and is freezing 2 death. like babes there someone else home go bother him instead. but no she is very picky if she wants in my room she will meow forever. unfortunately for her i do have to sleep and go places sometimes tho. im very happy we have her tho she gets so worried and she seems so skittish around other cats i think shes been in a lot of living situations that rlly stressed her out so im really happy shes her w me n my dad so hopefully she feels safe and loved there is a very goofy cat in my neighborhood. he is VERY orange and he meows like “e-”. he showed up last summer and was probably only a few months old then. he loves sitting in this one corner of my backyard that's currently covered in leaves. perfect for purrveying the space while also being somewhat camouflaged. my neighbor feeds him most days unless he's gone for some reason. recently when i leave the house in the morning i see his food bowl all full but he is nowhere to be seen. he is a major rolly guy. he flops like it's nobody's business. watching a cat roll around on concrete is . incredibly amusing. he has pale green eyes. when he first arrived he was SO friendly. he's a little less so nowadays. he purrs. so loudly. one time i went and laid down on the grass in my backyard and he came and curled up by me. oh! his name is scooter! me and my bro call him “guy” and “orange” though. sometimes we just say “he”. he also likes sitting on our recycling bin we have 4 dogs and theyre all little shits. tenten dilis doppio euri and sakuragi. oops thats five i just cant count lol tenten is just 1 molecule to me. dilis is botchog na. euri is no1 little bitchboy. doppio is. hes just a guy. sakuragi is. hes just chilling. hes an old man chilling in the backyard ya know. gets bitches tho I have a dog! Her name’s Zoe, much to the ire of a family friend who now bears the cognomen “Human Zoe;” we adopted her on the first day of October 2020, and she was just. The weirdest little tadpole of a dog. She’s grown up now, and she’s still pretty weird—we love her for it. She doesn’t like strangers much. She spent her first few months of life on the streets of Atlanta, and I often wonder if that’s what she remembers when she barks at every stranger in a baseball cap who walks by our house. But when she gets used to you, she’s the kind of dog who will sprint up to you just to squish her head against your knees in the hopes of being pet. Whenever anyone seems like they’re going to sit down on the couch, she trots up to them in the hopes of getting to curl up in their lap. She loves bell peppers, and whenever I’m cutting one up I always remember to give her a little piece. anyway here's some pictures of my dog stinker <3 she pasted away at the age of 17 April 1, 2019? I believe (I honestly forget the year I'm sorry(the sorry is to myself lmao)) she was just the most perfect girl. when my mom got her she named her stinker cause she was just a lil stinker, a lil silly pup. but as she got bigger she loved to bother skunks so she was a stinker in more than one way lmao. when me and my siblings were kids, she would just lay on top of us if we were ever on the ground, which was both funny and annoying. she was the best dog <3 she’s the littlest baby ever and requires sleeping in my bed under the blankets or else she’ll throw a tantrum My baby girl is a menace. Every day she sits on my lap for an hour. falling asleep. trusting me to guard her. Every summer she catches me moths and brings them to me. She knows I'm happy when they're alive so I can release them back outside. She brings the moths to me to feed me. making sure I am fed well. Hunting best she can as an indoor pet. my cat parker is a lovely orange boy! he's very affectionate but also quite sassy, and has a missing patch of fur on his neck right now after getting in a tiff with another neighborhood cat! i love both my cats and my cat-in-law they have such a variety of personalities. Socks is angry 24/7 and she only tolerates people except my dad for some reason. shes also tiny so like shes hard to spot when shes coming to attack u. Fancy is large and very frightened of everyone but me shes so sweet tho. Tiger Lilly is my cat-in-law and shes so sweet just needy and very attention-hog At the moment the only pet I have is a sun turtle. When I was 7 or 8 years old I found her in the driveway of my Grandparent's house. She was a baby when I found her. Her shell was around the same size as a quarter. Since she's a sun turtle she has the iconic orange belly. I call her Shelby, but her real name is Shell Baby. This is my bby girl Anaar but she thinks her name is baby girl because I call her that so much. She hates other cats so much so she can’t have friends. she had kittens at the shelter and then was put up for adoption. shes only 2 years old. During her first health checkup after I got her from the shelter, the vet said she had one of the longest health history from a shelter that she’s seen. The day after the visit she started vomitting a lot. After lots of vet visits and money, she stopped vomitting and turned towards scratching herself til she bleeds. We are still figuring out why but we think it’s allergies but not sure to what. So shes in a cone a lot these days. She knows not to scratch and I’m so proud of her for trying to stop herself but I understand the need to scratch. She really is the perfect cat for me. my baby girl is coming up 17 and shes still going strong! shes deaf shes half blind she still jumps up onto surfaces twice her own height and also shes a dog. terminal condition called being a jack russel. secondary terminal condition of being the weirdest jack russel alive. she does not bark. she does not care about most other dogs. she is a little hater of children. shes quiet and calm and well behaved and she regularly has people desperate to tell me shes gorgeous or so well trained or wanting to walk her. she is simultaneously smart and the intelligence equivalent of a box of rocks. and incredibly spoilt. her favourite thing is roast in sun use people as furniture lead me to fridge for snack and dig hole in her blankets. everywhere I go she comes too. we like to go on midnight walks and admire hedgehogs together. I have not slept alone in years Casey, my first cat, passed away awhile ago but I still miss him dearly. The day we got him was the day they were going to put him down, and we were only about a year apart in age, so I basically grew up with him. He was my first friend and, for a long time, my only friend. He'd follow me all around the area when I'd go trick or treating, he'd attempt to climb into the car to come to school with me (and even succeeded once), slept on my pillow above my head at night, and just spent as much time as he could with me until his time came. He got cancer, beat it, and then got a different cancer and was sadly too weak to fight that off so he was put down at the age of 15, just shy of 16, in 2016. And considering how he was primarily outdoors, thats a long life. He was always welcomed inside, and always had plenty of cat food, he just preferred being outdoors. Dad planted a corner patch of grass just for Casey and he'd often sunbathe there or just lay down and watch us swim. And he also hunted too. He once caught a humming bird, a hawk, and even a crow. One neighbor had chickens and another had a rabbit that constantly got out of its cage, Casey never bothered any of them. I like to think that he knew that they were off limits. I miss him still but I know he's relaxing in the best spot there is, sunbathing or catching mice. I recently adopted a 13 year old cat and unfortunately I find her finicky and picky nature to be very endearing. I don’t mind how picky she is about her food or how many medical problems she has. i am incapable of thinking about her in any way other than fondness i have four dogs three cats and an axolotl!! i love them a lot but tbh cider and bo (a german shepard husky mix and chihuahua) are mine. i am literally currently struggling choosing colleges rn bc these fuckers are my babies and i can’t leave them even for one year. anyways. bo is 8 and was rescued from the streets (he’s a little asshole but we all love him) and cider is 2 and can do no wrong. she has an emotional support stuffed cow. the two of them are inseperable and i would do anything to keep them together because they are bonded but i love them both so much and i give them all sorts of stupid little name. like bo is cow dog bc he’s white with brown and black spots and cider is my baby bc she’s the youngest of all the animals. anyways thanks for letting me ramble i love my little dog so much and im not a dog person in the slightest. my mom brought her home one day and i was so pissed off about it until i learned to love her (my dog). she’s one of the only dogs ill prob ever like lol cause i like bugs better my cat is fast asleep on my lap as i type this. I have to type this with my left hand because she's fallen asleep with her head resting on my right hand. I adopted her when I was struggling with my health in college and she's provided me with so much love and comfort. Shes been by my side through 4 jobs across 3 states. I love her with all of my heart. and i know she loves me too My cats names are Maxie and Archie and they are a couple months old and I love them so much. They are brothers and very attached to one another despite their way different personalities - Archie is very serious and quiet and likes to hide around during the day but often comes around for cuddles and he likes to bite gently when you pet him. I like to call him my little vampire. Maxie is super playful and needy and energetic and chatty. I call him a little alien because he looks like one when his eyes are dilated and hes acting silly. He loooves tummy rubs. The two of them play with each other a lot which makes me happy that they are never lonely when i leave for work! love any excuse to talk about my kitties they are like my first born children to me this is winnie my wife and i got her from a shelter as a kitten when we had promised ourselves 'no no we're just gonna browse no kitty today' LIKE FOOLS. istg this is the dumbest creature breathing she has never had a thought in her life. she's not even chaotic though, she's basically a sentient stuffed animal with big empty eyes who only lives for affection. she's afraid of water drops on the wood floor, the outside world, plastic bags, and the dreadful horrible time that mommy and daddy leave for work in the morning -- these fears are fixed by hiding under the bed or sleeping. she likes when i sing to her and sticking her face in my armpits and boots cus she's a lil freak. i love her and would die for her MY BABIES!!! They’re just little guys, i love coming home and playing I Spy to see if i can find them. The one on the left is mochi and he’s been with me for almost four years now! and the one on the right is Miso and he’s a baby!! about to turn a year i think. Miso is so fun because he only comes up if there is literally no one else around and his coloring fades into the rocks so it’s extra difficult spotting him. I LOVE THEM I LOVE THEM I LOVE THEM ‼️‼️‼️ ooo I will always jump at the chance to talk about my favorite little boy :) I have a light brown lionshead bunny, his name is Dusty, and he is my favorite guy, he acts like a cat a lot of the time and is a very picky eater, he also likes to be at the highest point he can at all times. He has a cardboard box castle and he rules my house but the most he can really do to inforse rules is making little grunting noises, trying to dig through you, and biting you a bit. My dad says that if he could talk he would talk in a very strong Scottish accent and he's probably right, he's very bossy and moody but I love him more than anything and I would fight the world for that little bunny my dog is abt 60lbs, has a brindle coat but white spots that make her look like a horse that stepped in milk, she spins when she gets excited and her favorite food is fresh linguine :) my cat is a black and grey domestic shorthair and she's about maybe 9 or 10 years old at this point. but then again my family and I aren’t really sure given that she was diagnosed with kidney disease about a year ago, sad :( she will poop literally anywhere except in her litter box. it's a bit of a problem lmao :,) but, she's still a very loveable and affectionate floofball if she trusts you enough. and as much as she's a little princess brat, i love her to pieces Couldnt pick just one picture, but this is my baby Pearl, shes 16 and she likes to bite me every morning before breakfast and scream across the house for cuddles. Ive had her since elementary school. She hates chicken but she loves turkey, and she loves getting cheek scratches. I would die for her shes my perfect little princess One time my great dane puppy (her name is Tiny) was being a menace in my parents bedroom where I was reading. Important context, their bed is like 2 ft taller than a regular bed, and a foot taller than the dog, and this tall dog has never been allowed on it. She also is so stupid she doesn't know it's even possible to do things she's not allowed. This little freak hits the box fan with her tail, knocks it off the ledge, and in one fluid motion LEAPS onto the bed. Straight into the air, lands on the bed. Curls up next to me shaking and returns to zoomies fifteen seconds later. She has never done this since but is still terrified of fans. She thinks they will attack her. Girl YOU were the instigator. My other dog Jasmine is old and likes to start shit by barking at the air at all hours of the day and night. Still love her tho. this is my bosses dog Sarge. he is One and he has extra toesies <3